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We have 6 Easy Steps.

How to Use ?

Step 1. Before using each month:

  • Boil the cup for up to 3-5 minutes to sanitize and soften.
  • Before touching the cup, wash hands thoroughly.
  • Read these directions very carefully and practice with the cup.  There is a learning curve here ladies, and it will take a couple of tries to get the hang of this.  Once you do, there are great benefits to be had. 



Step 2 & 3:  Fold & Hold

  • To insert the menstrual cup, you may want to use a water based lubricant, or leave wet with water,as the first insertion experience will be different than a tampon insertion. (see diagram)
  •  “Lotus fold” use index finger to push down one side of the rim, pinch and insert


Step 4- Insert & Twist

  • Insert from a standing, squatted or seated positin.  Gently “bear down” to open the vaginal canal and insert (rim first) into the vagina, in a backwards direction (pushing towards the tailbone) not in an upwards direction. Do NOT insert like a tampon. DO NOT PUSH UP. The cup does not need to go in very far. The tip may & should be sticking out slightly of the vaginal opening when properly inserted
  • With fingers, grab the base of the cup once inserted and gently turn or twist the base of the cup to open up.  This is the tricky part and puts your hands in awkward positions & can be difficult at first attempt, as a vacuum is created once inserted.  DO NOT PUSH UP, simple twist at the base, the tip should still be felt at the opening of the vagina at all times. Through natural progress, the cup will open on it’s own and form the seal.  Your internal muscles will keep the cup in place.  As you get more comfortable and experienced, you will find this process easier.  Important to remember, you do not need to push this cup “UP” as it can get lodged when inserted incorrectly.   See the diagram of the difference between tampon & cup placement.tampon vs cup.jpg



Step 5: Remove & Rinse

  • The Cup is commonly empties 2-4 times per day, based on flow.  It is recommended to do this removal in a private bathroom, not a public setting unless you carry wipes. You will become experienced, based on your flow how often emptying is required.
  • Before removal, wash your hands with soap and water. Tug on the stem, squeeze the base of the cup to break the seal and bear down, as if you are having a bowel movement to release the vacuum seal. This will open the vaginal wall and create the ability to pull out.  Grabbing the base of the cup bowl and pinch, then twist and gently pull out while bearing down. 
  • Empty the contents into the toilet and rinse in the sink (or wipe) then reinsert as needed. You will learn how with frequent removals the best way for your body.  We recommend that if you can remove from a standing or squatted position, that is often easier.
  • Not necessary to remove before urinating or defecating.  Simply check the position of the cup when completion of defecation. The tip should be felt at the opening of the vagina.



Step 6: Store & Reuse

  • The cup is made of medical grade silicone and will last up to 15 years with proper care and storage.  Use our cute  bag to store your cup discreetly and conveniently. Simply boil every month for sanitation and discoloration.  It is common with time and use to discolor, that does not prevent proper usage.